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My Adventure – Crossing Borders, Fundraiser Result!

This wise man in a village in Asturias asked me why I did what I was doing. A good question and after a few seconds I told him about Crossing Borders, the fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders and how I wanted to bring attention to their work in order to engage even more people. I am glad I met this man, the answer to his question stayed with me during my adventure and helped me when the going was tough. 20140727-115823-43103231.jpg

330km in 8 days, I must have been crazy!! This has been the toughest challenge I have undergone so far. At times I seriously questioned what I was doing. It was tough but it was also a great experience. All the positive feed back along the way and thinking about the good cause, kept me going. Looking at the end result of the project and the fund raiser makes me want to go out again.

The final number collected to the emergency fund of Doctors Without Borders was SEK 72 700 via the Crossing Borders fundraising page!! Together we can truly make a difference!

My adventure, Crossing Borders, has brought attention to their work and inspired others to either become monthly donation subscribers, to send in extra gifts to their cause or even start their own fund raisers!

Crossing Borders managed to engage 10 000+ people through different channels like Doctors Without Borders, Spanish Tourist Bureau, Supporting Sponsors and more. Thank you all for spreading the word! 

This week I met with Antonia Danielsson and Anna-Karin Modén at Doctors Without Borders in Stockholm. it was really good to meet them and to be able to present the project and the results we have achieved. It was a happy ambience and I tried to answer all their questions about the expedition and preparations. We also discussed possibilities moving forward. So stay tuned!

Anna-Karin Modén, Fredrik Hjorth och Antonia Danielsson

A special thank you to all of you who have participated in the fundraiser. I could not have done this without you!

Supporting Sponsors
SIX Financial Information
Twitch Health Capital
MJ Training Club

Ullink S/A
Johan Aronsson
Emil Rimling
Ragnhild Hjorth (Lovely mother :-)!!)
Sabrina Bou
Eva Hjorth
Annelie Krepp
Johan Magnusson
Kristian Nylund
Otto Elmgart
Calle Gothnier
Jan-Peter Larsson
Thomas Djurfors
David Bull
Anna-Maria Hjorth
Johannes Hjorth
Anders Hjorth
Jessica Backlund
Clas Hjorth
Lotti Knowles
Maria Sellberg
Pamela Stenström
Elsa Kvist
BirGitte Jönsson
Jenny Nilsson
Carin Huss
Malin Wallegren
Daniel Swenson
Erik Svensson
Petra Svensson Gleisner
Martin Andersson
Kia Szutkiewicz

Presentationsteknik.com – Supporting sponsor till Crossing Borders

Goda nyheter! Riktigt kul att få presentera  Presentationsteknik.com som är med i projektet som supporting sponsor. Har lärt känna dem senaste året och de är riktigt vassa på just presentationsteknik. Bra bolag med bra värderingar.


Vi på Presentationsteknik.com är stolta över att under sommaren ha sponsrat Fredrik Hjorth som, istället för att slappa i hängmattan, har genomfört en makalös bedrift. Under 10 dagar har han sprungit de 30 milen som utgör Camino Primitivo i Spanien, drygt 7 maratonlopp! Allt i syfte att samla in pengar till Läkare utan gränser. 

Under snart 10 år, har vi på Presentationsteknik.com samlat några av Sveriges främsta utbildare, föreläsare och coacher inom ämnena Presentationsteknik och retorik. Grundare till sajten var 2007, David JP Phillips som fortfarande är fullt aktiv och jobbar nu med stort fokus runt om Europa men genomför även enskilda uppdrag i Sverige.

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