Crossing Borders, Day 7 – Lugo to Melide

My plan was to leave Lugo mid day and to reach Melide this day and I knew that I had a tough day in front of me. I was fearing more asphalt on the way. Energy and water was fine, as well as where I could replenish my supplies and have something to eat.

This day I did 53km and about 1 000 height meters.

Weather was warm, 23 degrees in the shadow. The hot weather training came in handy and I knew How my body would react. I just had to be disciplined with drinking.


Legs were heavy and I started to make my way down out of the city. i quickly reached the countryside and the views became more open like in Asturias. Lots of green!


How do you mentally handle that you have more than 50km in front of you? I divide it into small targets of 2, 3 or 5km. I use the same method whatever distance I run. First target is to reach 5km, then a place for a coffee around 9km. Then I compare what I have left with other distances during the adventure. I eat a date every two km and I have small routines going on to keep my mimd occupied. Then after half the distance I start a count down.


And above all, smile! If it starts raining, then a loud ’Yes!’ Is so much better to keep the spirit high instead of a quiet ’no…’. Counting smiles, not miles and enjoying the moment is the best medicine. Of course there are hard times, but they are easier for me to cope with when I smile inside.


The path took a turn into the forest, most welcome with the cool air in the shadow from the trees. The green tunnels has become a signature of the camino. Magical.



Inside the forests the paths were mostly gravel or trails. Outside it followed roads more and more. Hard roads. Feet started to hurt and a burning sensation became apparent under the front part of my left foot.


The views helped to make me keep my mind set on the destination and all the messages and encouragement from all of you were an energy boost. Smiling and onwards sticking to the plan.

There was an option between a short and long scenic route along a Roman road. In my condition. I decided that the shorter would be wiser today. I looked at the map, i knew where to go. Yet I ended up taking the longer route. After reaching the next intersection with the camino again I stopped for a proper break to fill up in energy, minerals and first! I turned out of the village onto a field.


Into a forest again and a hill. Ireached a village and while having something to drink and some crisps I met Mapi and her dog.

I walked with them across the mountain side to Hospital de las Seixas and realized that she was the friendly person mentioned in the guide book. Great person and had I not taken the wrong turn, we might not have met.


I said goodbye and continued, i still had another 12km to cover until I reached. Melide. The views helped and just one more uphill climb and then downhill all the way.



Sun started to set and. I picked up my pace. Left foot had a burning sensation and legs were tired. Just a little longer and then rest.


I arrived to. Melide and passed through town to where. I was staying. Tired and happy when I arrived. Big smile!


Shower and checking feet. One blister under the front part of the left foot. Not broken, which was good. A small one in the right foot on the same place. I would tend to these the next day. A late dinner before sleeping.


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