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Crossing Borders, Day 3 – Tineo to Pola de Allende

What strikes me is that all the people I meet are so friendly and helpful. Yesterday I had many good talks and received help where I did not expect it. I was invited to try fresh hazelnuts while talking about Sweden and Spain. This is all part of the experience on the camino.

I covered 25km and about 800 height meters. Very hot day and lots of sun.

As I left the Tineo I entered into a steep climb which quickly took me out of the town into rural areas. The views were spectacular. So hard not to stop.

In order to keep the momentum up. I decided to have one photo shoot every km, but this proved hard to keep. Good rule of thumb. Let’s see how it will work out the following days.


At the highest peak, Piedratecha, I started the unexpected journey. The combination of arrows pointing in different directions and me looking at the views, took me down the hill in the wrong direction. So down I went through small villages until I reached the pueblo of Peligro.


A stop at a local bar (one of two). While having a coffee the people there got involved in how to get me back on track. I was a long way from the path..

The owner told me to drink up and come with him. ’I want you to have a good camino.’ He said smiling. Without expecting anything, he drove me to the path. With a ’Buen camino!’, he smiled and waved before leaving. Lovely man and I was so grateful.

As I continued I met Nicolas and Niklas from Denmark. Niclas had hurt his knee and needed a supporting bandage. Now it was my turn to help out. I gave him mine and then walked with them the 2km until their stop for the day. Great guys!


I then continued into the forest again passing camino markers as I went along.Nice and cool under the trees.


There is something about running in and out of forests along the hill side. Then suddenly a gravel road, village or passing the main road. I started to feel my legs, so stretching and squats became part of the routine as I continued. It helped, but I wonder what the locals thought, most likely, ’Sueco loco!’. Maybe I am, but then a happy one.


Coming close to my destination I passed this lovely valley and I just had to stop. Not visible in this picture, but an eagle was soaring right above it all. Bliss..


Finally hit the main road into Pola de Allende. A little more following the asphalt and I was done for the day.


Good day and a well deserved dinner before preparing for the next day and resting. The Asturian Fabada is a must. Yum!


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