Crossing Borders, Day 6 – O Cádavo to Lugo

The main impression is that the closer I come to Santiago de Compostela, the more they have paved the path with asphalt. If there is one thing I fear, then it is asphalt under my trail running shoes. The combination after a few hours is hurting my feet and cause burns and blisters.


I tried to stay on the front foot and keep the technique, which worked quite well. Tired legs, but no pain in my back. So far no blisters, which is good! Funnily enough I feel my arms tired too. No poles today.

This day I covered 33 km and about 500 height meters uphill.

Warm weather and lots of sun, I was literally melting and drank all the time. It is important to have a lot of water and to plan where to fill up. I had checked where I could refill the Camelback and also where I could get hold of things to drink. I mixed in mineral and salt tablets in my water.


There was one climb and then mostly soft down hill. Nice feeling when. I knew that this one was it for the day.


The views on the way out were spectacular and boosted my energy. How can all be so green and the sky so blue!


Following the shells is easy when you see them. However, more than one pilgrim has walked straight by without seeing them when they are really tired. This has happened to me more than once during my camino and. I know it will happen again. Good thing is to have a map and a compass. This way it is easy to navigate and get back on track.


I kept a god pace and took the opportunity to stop for a proper lunch in order to fill up for the energy deficit I have been feeling building up. Slow pace and walking uphill is my thing.


The hard surface under my feet started to push through the shoes. Kept my mind on positive thoughts and the cheering in from friends and family was really helpful.

I passed through many villages and the locals were so nice. Always with a ’buenas tardes’ or a ’buen camino!’. I wish we were more like this at home. Like the openness and happiness of this country.


The path left the road to turn into tunnels of green forest with cool air. Every time i was grateful and enjoyed each step on the softer ground under my feet.


Two villages had vending machines, very appreciated! I stopped at both places for a drink and something salty to eat. Perfect timing since it was almost 15km between the bars on this stretch.


I passed fields of corn as I approached Lugo. Soon done for the day. Felt that the body needed to catch up on the rest from the tough effort since Friday, six days of continuous running does have an effect on my physique and the psyche.


Arrived and happy as can be! It is the same feeling as after completing a long race. There is a joy mixed in with almost crying. A warm deep joy inside. Especially since I know that. I am not just doing this for myself. There is a higher cause to help,others in need.


So after a much needed shower, washing of clothes, I got the biggest hamburger I could find. Then some blogging and catching up on Facebook before I turned off the lights.


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