Crossing Borders, Day 5 – Castro (Grandas de Salime) to O Cádavo

The days are beginning to merge into one long journey and memory. Being in motion all day, eating, preparing the gear, sleeping, writing a report and then out again to the next destination. Thank you for all your engouraging messages, they are needed!!

And thank you for participating in the fundraiser! This is a pure boost of energy when I see the donations come in. Keep it coming and together we can help make a difference.

This day I covered 49km and about 1 500 height meters.

I was the last one out and Nicole at the Albergue in Castro made me breakfast and then saw me off. Such great people!


As I set out the sky looked like there could be rain. Not a real problem, but it would slow me down.


The rain never fell but I did get a nice and cool wind for a while. Very welcoming since this would be a long way. I started up again and the legs started to complain. Mostly the right ankle, but with care and some stretching I managed to keep it happy.


On the other side of the hill, the sky started to turn real blue, azul! Path turning down the hill and I went down the path and ran into Patrick and Magda from Belgium.


We walked to the next bar and stopped for a coffee and some pintxos. They had been out for more than two weeks and were still full of energy.


I passed more people from the Albuerge where I slept and we cheered each other on. Everyone is so nice! I caught up with Beatrice, my room mate from the night before. Big smiles and a ’Buen camino!’.


I continued on and the paths today had a mix of gravel, forest paths and some asphalt roads. Mostly soft ground though.



After a lunch stop in La Fonsagrada I continued on and encountered a fountain where I refilled my Camelback pouch with fresh and cool water.


More beautiful views. Bliss..


In Galicia the symbols of the shells are turned in the opposite direction that in Asturias. Had to pay attention when I got tired.


Last 5km under way and it took me along these hills, up a ridge and then a downhill stretch into the pueblo. I was tired and wanted to reach my place of rest so much.


I met a boy and his dog on the camino. In my tired state I associated to the post apocalyptic movie from the eighties with Don Johnson. We walked a bit and talked before I pushed on.


From the top of the slope I could see the village and after a last push I arrived. Another day completed and still smiling.


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