Crossing the border to pass it forward!

I do this adventure as a part of my final training at Haglöfs Adventure Academy. It is my own expedition, my design and my choice to dedicate it to raise funds and awareness for the work of Doctors Without Borders. I have good instructors at the academy and great class mates, who have all chipped in with directions, knowledge,advice and good ideas.

Many of you are involved in helping others and that is great! My journey here ends in a few days, but those that are in disaster areas cannot go away when they would like.


I have covered 189km and climbed 5 100 height meters from Oviedo to O Cádavo in 5 days. I consume more than twice my daily requirement for energy and can not keep up the intake of energy.

Still it is worth it as long as I listen to the body and stick to my project plan and risk analysis for the expedition. As my principal at the academy, Ola Skinnarmo, put it, ”Push yourself, but do it safe!!’.

Last night. I had no hunger and had a hard time sleeping. This morning I had a good breakfast and feel the energy coming back. I have a good and fortunate life. There are many people out there in more need of direct help than this swede running the Camino Primitivo.


My challenge is for you to set aside a small amount to their excellent work. By doing so we all help in making it possible for other great individuals grow up and reach their full potential.

If you donate SEK 100 you can help 14 kids receive malaria treatment. If you donate SEK 200 you can finance 100 doses of measles vaccinations. All the donations are sent to the emergency fund and will be put to direct use where it is most needed.

Join in and share our fortune with those who need a helping hand!

Use this link to be part of the Crossing Borders fund raiser!


I am off again and today it is 30km to Lugo. Next report from there.

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