Crossing Borders, Day 2 – Cornellana to Tineo

Second day I set out to Tineo. I had 32km in front of me with 1 100 height meters covered mostly in some excruciating ascents. Weather was warm, very warm, hazy and humid.

Not long until I felt the effect of running in the heat. I Stuck to my plan. Walking uphill and maintaining a very slow pace. 24 degrees Centigrades is warm for a runner.


There is something special about having a whole gravel road for myself. The only sound was the birds, wind and that from my steps as I moved along.


I reached Salas and decided to have a quick lunch stop. Was I wrong! The owner of this small place decided that I should try all seven dishes he had prepared for lunch. So the lunch stop took the time it needed and I started out again with a big smile and new friends.


After Salas the ascents started. First slow and then with more inclination. The path took me into a forest on the hill where it was cooler. Ihad the poles ready so I could use my arms while climbing.


The reward was to reach the top and look out over the landscape with the windmills through the mist. All very quiet. Bliss.


Then through some villages and into the forest again. The contrast between the dark forests and the white light of Asturias is amazing. Like being in a story book.


’Why are you doing the camino?’, said the old man I met. This led to a talk about life, goals and what is important. We said good bye and he waved me off as I continued up the hill leaving his village behind.


The views approaching St Eulalia are spectacular. Dense forests and up in the hills.



Downhill, finally! I had a long stretch and loved it! Skipping, serpentining (made up verb) and enjoying.



I got to Tineo and the town was covered in mist as I approached. Lovely people and so welcoming.


Late dinner at Palacio De Merás where I happened upon the director of the hotel. We talked about the Camino and compared notes. Their services for the pilgrims are excellent. Recommend to come here when in Tineo.

2 comments for “Crossing Borders, Day 2 – Cornellana to Tineo

  1. Eva
    juli 27, 2014 at 1:12 e m

    Det låter helt fantastiskt. Vilken upplevelse för dig. Antar att perspektiv ändras och du med det. Och som du skriver, som en story book. Som utomstående betraktare och ”följare” känns det faktiskt också så.
    Hur känns kroppen? Väder och värme påverkar mer än du trott? Kläder & övrig utrustning?

  2. Åsa
    juli 27, 2014 at 7:53 e m

    Möten, livet! Underbart!

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