Crossing Borders, Day 1 – Oviedo to Cornellana

First day started with getting my credentials at the cathedral in Oviedo. These are essential to get the certificate of completing the camino in Santiago de Compostela.

To Cornellana I had 38km and 1000 height meters in front of me.


Finding my way out of Oviedo was tricky, but with a map and indications from friendly locals, I made the 4km to where the city ended and the Asturian landscape took over.


Lots of up and down, different terrain and more pilgrims than anticipated. I must have met at least ten during the day. They all shook their heads when they saw me running past with a ”Buen Camino!”. I used my cup to fill up with water at the water fountains I passed, very refreshing!,


There were so many lovely views on the way. I stopped to take photos and enjoyed the whole journey. Counted smiles along the way. Lunch and two coffee stops.


The path crosses into forests and it is almost like Gandalf or Legolas could pop out around the corner. Truly magical. Good shoes, poles and extra energy (fruit, nuts etc) is recommended. Water is essential! I started the day with 1,5 liters in my camelback.


The landscape took me across some rivers and through some lovely small villages. Then the path quickly turned away into the wilderness and I was alone again. True bliss!


As I came to the highest point of the trail the views changed and on the way down to Cornellana i passed along the side of the hill as well as into the forest again.



Finally arrived and had a late dinner, some yoga, looking at pictures and the fell asleep. Today I will continue to Tineo and am expecting even more fantastic views.


3 comments for “Crossing Borders, Day 1 – Oviedo to Cornellana

  1. Eva
    juli 26, 2014 at 8:45 e m

    Härlig start. Ser fram emot fler vackra bilder. Allt gått om planerat hittills?

    • fredrik
      juli 27, 2014 at 12:09 f m

      Ja det har det. Vissa förändringar under gång, men förberedelserna har skapat goda marginaler för det. Känns bra.

      • Eva
        juli 27, 2014 at 1:15 e m

        Skönt. Då kan du lägga fokus på upplevelsen och Äventyret!

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