On my way – Wheels up was at 06:20 am

I am off for my adventure, Crossing Borders. Excited, nervous, full of energy? All of the above and more! I am at the finish line of preparations and at the same time soon crossing the starting line of my adventure!!

I can expect between 17 to 24 degrees Centigrades with a between 17% to 27% chance of rain every day during the whole expedition. Colder and bigger chance of rain at the beginning in Asturias. Then it will grow warmer and less likelihood of rain as I enter Galicia.


I will need to drink a lot during my expedition. I estimate 1 to 1,5 liter per hour when I run. I will mix mineral and electrolyte tablets with the water in my Camelback.

Nature, plants, wolves and bears
The terrain will be challenging. Lots of up and down and very diverse. Thorn bushes with sharp thorns and burning nettles hanging over the path. Loose stones, roots across the path and pot holes in the ground. Covering the legs and using the trail running technique to the fullest.

Thorns and nettles

There are wild bears and wolves in the area but most likely they will stay away from the noisy runner on the path. If I encounter any of them I will be cautious, talk loudly and remain calm while backing away slowly. I will definitely write about it on the blogg!

I have made an inventory list, I have weighed everything and this is what will make up my clothes, shoes and the content of my backpack. It weighs 5,3kg and my running gear adds 1,3 kg more. Total 6.6kg all in all.


Inside the backpack I have a waterproof bag in which I have put everything sensitive to water. Rain jacket is as always right under the lid of the backpack.

Safety first!
I have focused on the first aid and safety equipment. With my own knowledge, the advice of Olivia from Adventure Medicine and from Fredrik Karlsson from Twitch, I am bringing with me a good and thought through kit.

Running gear
Shoes, poles, running clothes, poles and shoes are all my favorites and thoroughly tested in battle. No changes, and no surprises.


Relaxing clothes and compression tights for after I arrive to each daily destination will be welcome.

Photos, videos, blogg
Technology will be a big part since I want to bring home memories and share my experiences. I expect to see spectacular views and maybe if I am lucky some exciting wildlife!


The Powertrekk fuel cell charger from myFC is with me and will ensure that I have power regardless of where I am.

Haglöfs Adventure Academy – Class of 2014
Crossing Borders is my examination project at the academy. The training has been crucial for this expedition. Therefore I will sign off with a statement from Ola Skinnarmo, our principal at Haglöfs Adventure Academy: ”Preparations and research is what ensures that one will reach your goal with a big smile”. So true.

HAA Class of 2014

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  1. Sabrina
    juli 25, 2014 at 12:40 e m

    Go go Fredrik!!!!!! We will be following you, … online!!! Buen Camino!

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