Preparing the engine – Final three day session

Three days of running joy!
Today I started the final three day session of training where I will run 20km each day to start up the engine for next week. Covered 9km this morning and then another 12km mid-day. All systems go!

Fredrik Hjorth

My backpack, Haglöfs Gram 25, is loaded with 5kg and is with me for the low intensity sessions. Feels good! Functional training, yoga and stretching is also on the agenda.

Haglöfs Gram 25

8 days left before I set out on my adventure!

1 comment for “Preparing the engine – Final three day session

  1. Eva
    juli 16, 2014 at 4:26 e m

    Härliga sommardagar att finslipa formen på (även om det blir varmare dagar under ditt Äventyr…)

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